Learning to Appreciate the Positive Things in Life

Positivity is a trait that is virtually absent in the world today, not unless it is supported by data. The last time I read a happy news was when economists rejoiced that the market of Britain is evolving effectively, way past their expectations. You see, positivity is inclined with the fulfilment of expectations supported by raw data.

Taking the last sentence to heart, we have many expectations fulfilled daily on a small scale. The ability to type on a computer is one, and the existence and invention of the computer itself, is one. We forget to see the small achievements that allow us to complain daily about our work, our life and our purpose in life.

If we take time to appreciate the smaller things, such as breathing, blinking our eyes, writing, the capability to make a choice, the strength to make a living, the capability of emotions and getting involved in societal drama, and even being angry and furious about politics, we realise that we can do this because we are given life. Life is a privilege

Experience is everything there is to the purpose of life. We experience genuine happiness, anger, sadness, madness, emptiness. Almost everything in here is the meaning of our life. We are the authors of our own books, and our purpose is to tell a story to people, and to ourselves.

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Reality and Unreality: Why I Think We Should Not Latch Too Much In This Life

Every single day, life is quite monotonous. You get off early, get yourself prepared for work. I kiss my wife goodbye and I ride the first bus going to the subway and arrive either early, or a bit of a close-call, to my work in the office. Office work becomes quite a bore and a chore, and I go home, eat dinner, talk to my wife about my day and spill some cunning jokes, and then find time to surf the internet a bit and then sleep.

I am quite bored in this life. But during my lunch hour right now, I’m thinking about life and how it may or may not be a reality.

We work through life because of our needs, such as food, clothing and shelter. This is our prime instinct that ensures we will survive in a world full of dangers. However, we go ahead of ourselves and then satiate our insatiability as people by being materialistic and piercing through every whim and want that we want because that is what we view as what is real.

But why are people here? Why in the universe will one Earth, a tiny speck when viewed from the large body of the entire galaxy, even the universe itself, and us, the tiny-speck human, exist? The funny thing is that the universe even made us unique in our DNA, but why? What are we supposed to do?

Sooner or later, we may or may not know, or maybe beyond death, there is an answer. This is why we must be ready to lose anything, should we want our questions answered.

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Modern Discrimination and The Subscription to Ideas

We’ve all had our share of arguments with other people, and we make friends with people who agree to disagree with our share of ideas. Well, that is, if you’re a very argumentative person who likes to stress out why your idea is right and why the other person’s idea is wrong.

Today, people who are afraid of change are constantly bashed in the internet, especially in social networks, and even in video or photo comment boxes. Sometimes, other people who believe in change also shame them publicly. However, it is clear that the bashers are no better than those who they bash simply because an act of refusal to listen is present.

I myself am guilty of this charge.

I believe myself a freethinker and I have my own set of beliefs. But like any other person, I have no right to claim that my ideas are better than another person, or that the way another person lives his or her life is wrong. I often tend to forget this, and even if I don’t say it directly, some of my words come off that another person is wrong.

For example, once, I said a life is entitled to any kind of sexuality and respect regardless of physical form and capability to a person who is clearly a bigot. I shamed him in the workplace and many people agreed with me. The person was fired because of his bigotry, but then I thought to myself if I had done the right thing, or it just turned out many people wanted to turn a blind ear to him because he was wrong and his beliefs did not respect human rights.

I think we bullied him at that instance, and that is when I realized I am a catalyst of modern discrimination.

Modern ideas appear noble because they uphold the right of the individual, but we also have to respect what the traditional people have to say. It does not mean that many people agree with your ideas that you are right.

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Alleged Bullying in Barclays Results to Erroneous PPI Claim Taxation Reports

Whistleblower Chris Boyle pointed out that some departments in Barclays have apparently “bullied” the Financial Reconciliation department as many sent deliberately erroneous PPI claim taxation reports. The Barclays’ Financial Reconciliation department ensures that all taxes the bank pays are correct.

Boyle said that many departments, including Barclays’ Human Resource department, were breathing down the neck of his team, which forced him to resign. He pointed out that majority of the banks’ taxation of interest on payment protection insurance claim refunds could be erroneous. He had an adequate team, but not enough to handle intentional mishaps.

Before he left, Boyle had sent the letter to the senior officials of Barclays. Apparently, information regarding the taxation had been used in the reports, including the CEO of Barclays Anthony Jenkins.

Barclays said in a statement that they are investigating the case and are leaving no stone unturned. However, they said they do not take bullying lightly and that Boyle should have had the issue put forward as soon as he could. Barclays also expressed that the situation regarding the taxation could have been prevented if he presented his knowledge earlier.

PPI repays loans, mortgages and credit cards. However, due to improper selling practices and its exceptions, many consumers own an insurance policy that they could not make use of. Today, the total PPI refund package is at £28b.

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About Getting Rich and Perspective

I’m a guy who just does my job well and, after learning from some people the importance of things that do not seem important at this time, I’m all first-hand experience on almost anything I could get my hands on. I’ve tried wakeboarding and skiing, and after a few painful attempts, I performed as effective as I wanted myself on the first try.

It was in these vacations I met a guy who talked to me about getting rich and what I need to do to reach it.

“You’ll need to work hard for better income by finding a job you want.”

I told him that that would take such great amounts of time.

“You will have all the time to spend your riches in the future.”

But then, I realized, we will miss all the moments that time is giving us in the present by wasting away in the future. Like before, I was always afraid of the future that I prepared a meticulous plan for it, when I realized I missed out on a lot of things in life. I missed my son’s birthday, I missed my wife’s anniversary, all because I wanted to be rich and give my family the life they deserve when all they needed was my company and my involvement in their lives.

Distance serves a purpose because it allows one to be him or herself, but distancing yourself selfishly for goals that you find satisfaction will affect your relationships with other people and yourself. You might even ask yourself why you’re doing it.

Luxury is not everything in life. It was that case before for me. Today, I live for what I can give my family. Happiness is a choice based on your perspective and looking if the glass is half-empty or half-full.

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Never Worry About the Future

My parents kept reminding me during high school that they forbid relationships with girls because I need to focus on my studying, which is the bridge to my future. I understood this and followed wholeheartedly. At that time, I didn’t worry about the future because I was prone to my emotions. However, as I learned to have more responsibilities, such as saving my money for a secret date, I learned that it had consequences, such as lacking money to spend for some videogames. This is how puppy love relationships easily break down.

Ever since I learned that high grades dictated your possible future in college, I continued to worry often. I drove myself to study hard and focus on my studies. I joined extra-curricular activities to put on my resume so that companies will notice me. I did all I can and I reaped results graduating at the top of my class.

But then, I was worried about work right now. I’m never getting a higher position in my work and instead some two-bit manager got the position. I must admit he is doing his job, but he lacks the attention to details that I have. Or maybe he does more than I care to admit.

Over time, I’ve come to respect him because he seems carefree or aloof, but he gets the job done. It dawned in me that employees only want results regardless of the methods of the employees.

I asked him what was his secret in giving good results, results I couldn’t have hoped for even if I tried all I can. He said that it was because he lived in the present. He told me that he never worries, he just does all he can.

That’s when I understood that I should never worry about the future. I have calculated every probability possible to help me get a job and a good salary, but I never put myself at a highly incalculable and uncontrollable risk like he did. But then, I limit myself with my abilities if I worry about the future.

So I drank more bottles with him in jovial conversation.

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Blaming Yourself: Its Necessity and When Should You Blame Yourself

Self-evaluation is an exercise that any human learns regarding his or her performance in certain situations. This helped many professionals improve on their craft and procedures, which continue to contribute to the academe that teaches about their professional positions. It has benefits in the professional world and it also has its benefits towards self-improvement and your existence.

When you try too hard, you often end up blaming yourself for your shortcomings namely for not having done or prepared enough. But it is not always your fault.

The best way to blame yourself is to look at the things you failed at, specifically the things that you could control. You could control your preparations. After your self-preparations, ask yourself if you had actually given your best shot in preparations. Then accept the fact that you could still lose despite your preparations. Nothing is certain especially in the professional world.

You should never blame yourself for the problems others had actually brought upon themselves. While the statement is one of indifference, only help them if they asked you to help, or if you are truly concerned about their situation. However, if it is indeed your fault, then blame yourself and make it up to the person without compromising or damaging your own well-being.

Self-blame is important to evaluate the way one interacts and works with people, and the way you learn from life. People make mistakes and they will learn faster if they accept their mistakes by taking the blame properly.

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Never Throw in the Towel Too Early

You are in the middle of a very effective day. You told yourself that from the morning until the evening, you would concentrate on making all your produce as high quality and be as effective as you can. As you reach the last three hours of your shift, you suddenly ask yourself why you are doing such a heroic and tiring task. Then you contemplate on giving up while you were ahead.

This is not just the trouble of one person working. Imagine yourself digging a hole looking for a treasure. You had gone digging for so long and so deep and followed all instructions carefully. However, the best of you gets you to quit. From a bigger point of view, you were actually just inches away from the treasure chest you were looking for. You could have gotten it if you had only pushed for just a few more.

However, nobody knows if you are actually nearly ending your objective. It just gets to you if you continue to work hard. If you continue to be diligent in doing your work and falling in love with the process of your work, no matter how routine, you will never feel tired and you will continue to feel satisfied about your duty.

Never throw in the towel too early. You might still have some fight left in you, which can earn you something worth all your efforts.

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Why You Should Not Want to Control Everything

Early as a child, you were taught that people surround you, love you and care for you, which give you a comfort that you belong in a true home and you could always turn to these people for help. By the time you gain consciousness and receive formal education, you are then taught to be independent. Being independent means taking on responsibilities. At this time, you still feel weak to fulfil responsibilities because it is not too fun to fulfil them. But as you grow older, your power and influence grows along with the fulfilment of responsibilities you’ve achieved.

By the time you’re a young adult, you want to influence others into doing things your way because you understand that your previous works with your responsibilities had turned out better than other people. You can easily influence people who are now your responsibility.

As your power grows, so does your influence and your capability to control people. Controlling now becomes a passion as you expand the produce you create with your upgraded capabilities. While it would be essential in life to have a certain amount of power, influence and capability to control, one must not want to control everything.

When you try to control everything, you become conscious of things that you do not want to face. When you fail one responsibility, you fail an entire arm of control, and an entire group of people, which can lead to grave consequences, unless you are capable.

When you try to control everything, it will become impossible for you to be truly happy. You will have to ensure that those under your control are happy. Your influence could only give you partial relief and happiness, but never the kind of happiness of fulfilment that you are looking for.

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Why Struggles are Necessary Daily

Negative energy is something most people could get every morning or at any time during the day following a certain mishap or a problem in schedule or other responsibilities. Negative energy is undesirable because it causes strain, but it can actually be necessary.

Why other people do not look for heaven is because convenience is what makes a human dull. If you refuse to work out your body with exercise (which means to struggle lifting weights and running courses) you will deteriorate physically. The same is when you refuse to train yourself to think properly, to think hard and to see things with logic; your thinking becomes fuzzy and your response time becomes bad.

Daily struggles give you a chance to develop man’s greatest ability, resilience. Being able to bounce back can help you attain your goals effectively. However, you’ll need to go through a lot of struggle before you master improvisation.

Daily struggles also teach you to lengthen your patience and coping with your excess frustration without hurting other people. It is only through a struggle that one develops the necessary skills.

Limitations are also part of the cycle. Nobody knows their limit until they hit it and they struggle to raise it through struggle.

Life is a series of struggles designed to make one as strong as they can be.

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